Les Couleurs Charity Event

March 31st, 2022 - SLS South Beach

"Sharing the experience to do what I love the most
by giving
strengthens my personal values.
It also encourages friends, family and those around me to do the same.
Introducing the importance of generosity makes such a positive change 

in the world and I will always strive for that influence."


AYASH'S warm, grounded presence is felt the moment she enters the room...

With 15 years of acting, singing, sales and performance experience, an unmistakable taste for fashion and an authentic, open energy on stage and off, AYASH is the perfect host and entertainer for your next event.

She stands apart in her unique capacity to connect with your audience...

Her job doesn't end on stage. Rather, her warmth will carry from the moment she enters to the moment she leaves your event. Her goal, to make every member of your event feel seen, connected and included.  This creates an energy that is not only impactful and powerful, but also accessible, friendly and real.

    AYASH will bring your world to life, no matter the occasion...

    Professional Styling & Makeup

    AYASH'S excellent voice, style and energy make her an excellent match for Weddings, Galas, Fashion Shows, Premieres, Corporate Events and more.