Artist, Songwriter, Actress, Dancer

Karen Ayash, a.k.a AYASH is the next quadruple threat. Born in Barcelona, Spain, raised in Orange County, California and currently living in Miami, Florida, AYASH is a bi-lingual artist, songwriter, dancer and actress who combines feminine strength and warmth into a Spanish / Mediterranean infused take on the Latin Pop and R&B genres. With self-described “power, attitude and confidence,” AYASH manages to evoke an intoxicating artistic presence that bleeds strength and hopeless romanticism at the same time. Carrying equal capacities as an artist and actress, when AYASH walks in, the whole room turns to take in her uniquely real and grounded charisma and creative energy. All of this blends perfectly and puts AYASH on the map as one of the most exciting new artistic forces in Miami


By age 3 AYASH knew she was destined to be on stage -- and not just one, but many. She always felt drawn towards the entertainment industry and decided at a young age to pursue it. Following her first love, music and singing, she was part of her high school choir (Woodbridge High, Irvine CA.), quickly discovering a unique, sultry and emotional tone as an alto.  She quickly branched out, taking acting classes in South Coast Plaza Repertory Theater (Costa Mesa, CA) and dancing classes in ballet, jazz, hiphop, belly-dance, and ballroom. AYASH quickly discovered an especially deep connection to belly-dancing. This would be the first of many artistic collaborations between her Spanish and Middle Eastern heritage. She also started her modeling career at the age of 12, rode horses, and learned ice skating on her way to becoming a complete artist. Throughout her teens and early work career, AYASH would demonstrate a natural predisposition to entertaining, turning a sales job at Nespresso into a brand partnership and even reaching the semi-finals at La Voz by Anec Blau, a spinoff by The Voice set in Spain.


{Como tu} is a fusion of Spanish sounds, urban beats and a mediterranean essence. 

The song is based on a true story. AYASH met someone she connected with in ways she never felt before but was too scared to open up since his heart was also closed off. {Como tu} is produced by Grammy nominated guitarist Homero Gallardo who works with global artists such as Maluma, Nicky Jam & more. Karloff also co produced & is a multi platinum producer who also works with global artists such as Bad bunny, Anuel & Farruko. With her passion for music & spicy rhythm, AYASH is ready to take over.


Her latest single {El Hechizo] is an acoustic song that she wrote and composed when she was only 15 years old. It was the first time that she experienced love and her heart was enchanted. She picked up her guitar and wrote away. She stopped half way through the song because it was so heavy on her heart, being madly in love with a guy that she couldn’t be with. She decided to pick up the song when the time felt right. “As artists, we write songs and then put them aside - when the time feels right we pick them back up, finish them and then release them.” says AYASH. Years later she finally released the song with Homero Gallerdo as producer and guitarist on the track. 

With the release of El Hechizo came an influx of press and showcase opportunities that quickly revealed AYASH to be a star talent on stage. First came a performance in front of 17,000 people via livestream on Miami’s premier Twitch Latin showcase, LATIN UP, during which she stole the show with a 4 song performance, including a Flamenco infused R&B performance of her upcoming track {Besame Lento} with her collaborator, artist and producer ALEXANDER PADEI. Jumping off the energy and attention of this performance, AYASH quickly parlayed this into a guest performance on independent Hispanic TV Station Americateve’s classic comedy skit show, “TN3.” She also headlined at Tech Ed X’s “The Art Of Furniture” where art, music, technology & culture came together for an innovative digital / in person event celebrating global education -- and streaming simultaneously to 4 different countries.

The press has been equally kind to AYASH. Between the releases of {Como Tu and El Hechizo}, AYASH has been covered in the LA Times, Nota Oficial, Provizion Digital, and more. She’s also been featured on Sony Music Latin’s IG and appeared on radio talk show El Franjio Del Show.

What’s next for AYASH? With multiple upcoming singles ready and an album on the way, things are heating up for this sensual Spanish talent. Her abilities have been shown to go far beyond music, as well. Due to the huge success of her musical performance on TN3, AYASH was invited by the show producers on the spot to debut as a comic actress on the show. Leveraging 15 years of acting experience in childhood, she knocked her first acting performance out of the park on June 14th and has since been invited to return as a regular on the show.

AYASH brings a keen eye for sales and aesthetic, having sold numerous luxury brands, including Roberto Coin, Rolex, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Ferrari. She’s brought this to bear in her recent brand ambassadorship with Roberto Coin Miami and several key brand partnerships are close to follow.

AYASH plans to continue wrapping her bi-lingual Spanish / Mediterranian flair and refined, powerful feminine energy to the Latin music scene and beyond. Actress, Songwriter, Artist, budding Producer and Host, AYASH is on a path of creative growth, self discovery and self-development and there’s no limit to how far her talent could grow.