Authentic, Feminine Power, Confidence and Creativity

Karen Ayash, a.k.a AYASH is the next quadruple threat. Born in Barcelona, Spain, raised in Orange County, California and currently living in Miami, Florida, AYASH is a bi-lingual artist, songwriter, dancer and actress who combines feminine strength and warmth into a Spanish / Mediterranean infused take on the Latin Pop and R&B genres. With self-described “power, attitude and confidence,” AYASH manages to evoke an intoxicating artistic presence that bleeds strength and hopeless romanticism at the same time. Carrying equal capacities as an artist and actress, when AYASH walks in, the whole room turns to take in her uniquely real and grounded charisma and creative energy. All of this blends perfectly and puts AYASH on the map as one of the most exciting new artistic forces in Miami.


Passionate, romantic and powerful, ‘Besame Lento’ is a romantic R&B song infused with equal parts Spanish and Mediterranean essences. Written and produced by AYASH, Alexander Padei & Vazen, the track depicts the moment when the magnetic tension between two would-be lovers spills over, becoming too much to hold back. The track is mixed/mastered by Miami production group “FUNKLIN,” formed by members Paul Andru, Frank Alexander, Cristo & J.P. Albert.


A fusion of Spanish sounds, urban beats and a mediterranean essence...
Featuring Production by Homero Gallardo


An acoustic ballad describing the first time Ayash's heart was truly enchanted... 
Featuring Acoustic Guitar and Production by Homero Gallardo